Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KGB Deals: $32 Two Memory Foam Pillows

At KGB Deals you can get two deluxe contour memory foam pillows from i:SkinMedix for $32, which includes $7 shipping. These amazing pillows conform to the curves of your neck for an unbelievable level of comfort and support.

"Sink your head into unbelievable comfort and give one to your hubs with two deluxe contour memory foam pillows
The visco elastic foam perfectly conforms to the curves of your neck, providing you with a level of support not possible with other pillows
Puts less stress on your spine and relaxes necks, shoulders, and your back for a good night’s sleep and a better morning
Memory foam is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to the original shape once the pressure is removed
Check out this amazing product here; make sure to click on the US flag in the top-right corner to see the American version
Make your mattress just as comfy as your new pillows by clicking here"

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