Friday, July 1, 2011

Panera Bread: Free Expresso, Smoothie, or Pastry

If you have a Panera Bread restaurant nearby, you may be interested in heading on over here and registering your MyPanera card (or signing up for one if you haven’t already) to receive complimentary items in the bakery-cafe, exclusive tastings, demonstrations, and more!  If you sign up for a new card, you’ll instantly receive a temporary card that you can print and take with you to Panera Bread until your permanent card comes in the mail.

Just by signing up for a new card and instantly reviewing my available rewards, I was eligible to receive a Free Espresso Drink/Smoothie on my next visit with MyPanera card (coupon will be automatically loaded to my card), valid for 60 days!  Yay!  Head on over here to register or sign up for a new card!

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